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CONSULTANT ADDRESS. ● San Jose, CA ● zip ● (408) tel ● Proposal for: Name of client ● Title of Client, Dept. Organization Name ● Address ● San Jose, CA zip ● (408) tel Date This proposal is valid for a period of 15 days. Any changes or additions to projects should be discussed and be agreed to by both parties. Changes that affect the proposed fee will be updated before signatures are provided. Dear Client: Following-up with our conversation on Day, Date, I am writing this letter to propose consulting work with Organization’s Human Resources (HR) Department. Our contact person at Organization for this project will be you, CLIENT NAME. In this proposal I describe my understanding of your immediate need, the activities, I, along with my team of five others, will perform, mutual expectations, resources, and outcomes associated with diagnosing problem areas regarding Organization’s PROBLEM, and our proposed deliverables upon completion of our work. Statement of Problem Objectives of the Project Our goal is to …. Our second objective is to recommend….changes that will improve the …. Expected Outcomes of the Diagnosis The diagnosis of … through face to face communication with employees of Organization is expected to produce three important outcomes: (1) a better understanding of …, (2) a clearer picture of …, and (3) the opportunity to make an informed decision as to how to address both issues presented in the Statement of Problem. Any additional outcomes above and beyond these will require a new proposal and additional projects will be quoted separately. Roles, Expectations, and Resources First, regarding roles , I, NAME, will be the lead senior consultant on this project. Any communication about the needs of the project or its outcomes will be related directly to me. I will have ‘on board’ four junior consultants and one research analyst who will be contracted through me. It is my understanding that CLIENT NAME will be our main client whom we are helping in this consulting project. We further recognize that XYZ NAME is also associated with this project and will be sure to keep him informed of our progress. Organization employees of all organizational levels will be considered our immediate stakeholders and recognize that any work we do potentially affects Organizations clients and other stakeholders. Thus, we regard and value all stakeholders, immediate or tertiary to us (i.e., the consultants on this project),
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Proposal for Organization PROJECT Consulting 2 important in this consulting project. Our primary goal is to give you a clear and understandable picture of why …. . While we have expertise in conducting this type of assessment, you and your colleagues have a great deal of knowledge that can only be obtained by being an internal member
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Proposal_example - CONSULTANT ADDRESS. San Jose, CA zip...

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