Exam 2B - T <:i r TE ustNo.2r,r,NCrr)NrY L TO USE...

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T ^ fcnNTnoN nnnnnnnnnn U U U LI L] U U ! U U rC.,lG?<[email protected][email protected])O $tototN(\tol6lototc., FOR USE ON TEST SCORING MACHINE ONLY REORDER ONLINE www.scantronf orms.com lt r r TE d <:i ustNo.2r,r,NCrr ()NrY! L . MAKE DARK MARKS . ERASE COMPLETELY TO CHANGE BSDE nnnnnnTinnnn s<< UUUU!ILIJUU!U -NCD<llr)@[email protected] .F- ' tF- TO USE SUBJECTIVE SCOBE FEATUBE: . Mark total possible subiectave points . Only one mark per line on key . 163 poinls maximum EXAMPLE oF .'i to 6 ;r sruDENr T; i?;" SCORE: -: n n n n n n n I1 tr IJLIUUUULIUU -Ol(D<frO(gNcOO) FFFFFFFFF UI Y I ?l+?????? nnnflnfinfnnrl lr) uJ uJ uJ uJ ttJ Lu u uJ ul tlJ L] L] U U L] I] I] U L L L] 6+f+??eil:r l;ff;f,3asa lut. .uuuuuu t???lf,lt?++ r+$r++tlriil nnftnTtnnnn luJ uJ lrJ uJ r.lJ uJ ul ut ul LIUUULILUU! nitnnTtnnnn ooooooooo LIUUUUUUUU n o U n (D U n n tr It n n il n n n dlr0ln(DlDtrt.Ddlclcl UUULU!UUUU n n n n n lt Ti n n Lll ul l! ut uJ IJJ ul uJ ul UUUUUULUU nnnnnnnnn ooooooooo U ! U U U LJ I ! U nnnnrnnnn ooooo()ooo I]UUUU!!UU Tt nnnnnnnn oElrD(DdlootDo UUUUUUUUU nnnnnnnnn UUUUUUULU ilil It I I r r I I I I I I I I I I I ac) SCANTFON CORPOHATTON 2006 ALL BIGHTS FESERVED (U S PAr fio Ds19 156 S AND U S PAr NO 5 065 587) (\tc)+ro([email protected])o (t, (r) (t (Y) c/, (r) cD (l) <f ililrilllil||ilililt #FEEDTHISD|RECT|ON{ 4 il $$$s953gE il|ililI 0708m M12 4006 999 1211 t09E765 FORM NO Bot tr $us \13 nntrrl SPoo UUUIJ ar nnn RRo- UUULI ilnnTr 33r'-o UUU! nnnn 39oo UUUU !nnn EEt:
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i. Muitiple Choice Questions ( 5 points each) 1. The portfolio expected return is determined by which of the following factors? I. the amount of money currentiy invested in each individual security il. the probability of various economic scenarios ili. the performance of each stock given various economic scenarios a. I and III only b. II and III only c. I, III, only d. I,II, III 2.FederaI Reserve controls the rates of: I. Federal Reserve Discount Rate IL Federal Fund Rate III. 3O-year Fixed Mortgage Rate IV. LIBOR a. II only b. I and II only c. I, II and III d. I, II and fV 3. The separation principle states that an investor will: a. choose any efficient portfolio and invest some amount in the riskless asset to generate the expected return. b.
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Exam 2B - T <:i r TE ustNo.2r,r,NCrr)NrY L TO USE...

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