RD2-allow concealed weapons(GOV)

RD2-allow concealed weapons(GOV) - This House should allow...

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This House should allow concealed weapons (GOV) Government I. Resolution Analysis a. Background info – It is stated within the United States Constitution that the people have a right to keep and bear arms. Yet, there are restrictions and regulations that exist today which prevent many U.S. citizens from practicing this Constitutional right. This is why we stand firmly Resolved: This house should allow concealed weapons. b. Definitions - Allow: according to Merriam-Webster, means to permit. Conceal: according to Merriam-Webster, to place out of sight Weapon: according to Merriam-Webster, something used to injure, defeat, or destroy; our focus will be on firearms. c. Weighing mechanism – Net benefits II. Inherency – The current policies that the United States has regarding restrictions on concealed weapons is unconstitutional and does not decrease crime. There have been no benefits within the status quo. http://newsbusters.org/node/12265 For the second week in a row, Lou Dobbs avoided his normal Ralph Nader like anti-corporate pitch and provided some very telling statistics on gun control. On the April 24 edition of "The Early Show," the CNN anchor noted that crime rate has fallen in recent years "irrespective of gun control laws." When Washington, DC banned hand guns in 1976, its murder rate tripled by 1991. When California imposed stricter gun laws in 1975, it’s violent crime rate rose significantly. Dobbs noted the Constitution and the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the right to bear arms. Host Hannah Storm appeared surprised that Dobbs would call gun control legislation "irrational." She did get assurances from Lou that he does support a national "database" system. The entire transcript is below. HANNAH STORM: Welcome back to the CBS "Early Show". I'm Hannah Storm. After 32 people were murdered last week on the Virginia Tech campus, many asked questions about the gun laws in the state of Virginia, and why the killer could buy guns so easily. This morning, CNN's Lou Dobbs looks at those questions in his weekly early show commentary "Take Lou." LOU DOBBS: Hannah, thank you. And good morning. The calls for gun control are, as Hannah said, rising. While appealing emotionally, a contest now over gun control ignores far more powerful causes of tragedies such as the one last week at Virginia Tech. Failure of discipline and socialization in our schools, a failure to provide treatment for the mentally disturbed, and, too often, the alienation of the individual from neighborhood and
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RD2-allow concealed weapons(GOV) - This House should allow...

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