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English 1B Fall 2009 Moody Approved 10 pt. projects You may only choose one. You do not automatically receive ten points for these. They are graded according to their merit. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. There will be a box in turnitin for these after Thanksgiving. 1. A two page typed analysis of an argument on a timely topic. The argument must appear in a reputable journal. Include the article with your analysis. A two page typed review of a film that makes an argument. Include a summary of the film.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. A book review on a book of your choice that influenced you. Include the title page and a Works Cited list with your review. Two pages, typed. Explain why this book affected you. Be specific. 3. Two pages of exercises on your most problematic area in your writing. You may draw them from a text or from an reputable online source. 4. A photo analysis of a compelling photo. Include the photo with your paper. Two pages, typed NOT including the photo....
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