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NEEDS CASE AS DEVELOPED AND OPPOSED I. There is a need for a new system. I. There is no need for a new system. A. There are significant ills. A. The ills are insignificant or do not exist. B. The present system is to blame. B. The present system is capable of handling any ills should they arise. II. There is a plan that can solve the problem. II. The plan should not be adopted. A. This plan of action will resolve the ill. A. The plan is unneeded or won’t work. 1. What agent should act? 1. This agent is incapable or unqualified to act. 2. What mandate should be given to the agent?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. This mandate won’t work to cure the ill. B. This plan will have the effect of curing the ill. B. Even if this plan worked, it can’t cure the ill. III. In addition to solving the ill, the following benefits/advantages will happen. III. This plan will give no benefits. A. Benefit 1 A. Benefit 1 won’t come true. B. Benefit 2 1. The benefit is exaggerated. 2. The plan of action doesn’t get this benefit. B. Benefit 2 won’t come true. IV.The case or argument above will have many costs. A. Cost 1 B. Cost 2...
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