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dsgd105_project2 submission

dsgd105_project2 submission - intermediate graphic design P...

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1. actual output Folded brochure in an envelop. 2. digital file Submit PDF and AI formatted digital files (outline all fonts) with any supporting PS files of your final output. Store them onto a CD with clear label. 3. id tag Submit your brochure and envelop together inside a 9x12 yellow envelop with an id tag glued on the back. san jose state university / spring 2010 / dsgd 105
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Unformatted text preview: intermediate graphic design 3/17/10 P. 9 project 2 submission (due thu 3/22) 2" 2" id tag 9X12 YELLOW ENVELOP dsgd 105: brochure Name: Submission Date: Professor: Connie Hwang Participation – Work ethic – Presentation – Project performance – Overall grade – +...
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