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IBiz Press Release

IBiz Press Release - company in Atlanta Georgia While at...

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Press Release IBiz, Inc. 999 Rue Volta Paris, France E-mail: [email protected] Phone: (408) 382-9870 Fax: (408) 555-1234 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dan Harrington Joins IBiz, Inc. as New CEO Paris, France, February 9, 2009 : Renowned businessman Dan Harrington has been appointed the new CEO of IBiz, Inc. He will be in charge of the complete management of the corporation answering to the board of directors. Harrington will be setting the direction of the company and possibly help develop strategies. He will be mainly managing IBiz headquarters in Paris, France as well as traveling to oversee general management of our other offices around the world. Dan Harrington was the director of operations for ACI, a banking software
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Unformatted text preview: company in Atlanta, Georgia. While at ACI, Harrington helped improve operations by switching to an automated process, which improved output by 12%. Harrington has helped pioneer several of the processes used on production lines in many different fields. Harrington graduated San Jose State University with a Bachelor's degree in operations management. He went on to Stanford and earned a master’s degree in the same field. About IBiz, Inc. IBiz, Inc. is an optimization software company with headquarters in Paris, France. IBiz also has offices in Palo Alto, Sydney, Singapore, and Washington D.C. IBiz specializes in designing electronically multi-tasking software. # # #...
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