215 - Mexican American Studies 215: Chicanas/os and...

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Mexican American Studies 215: Chicanas/os and Education Spring 2010, Mondays 6-8:45pm, Location: CL 231 Marcos Pizarro, 924-5584, pizarro@email.sjsu.edu Office: Uchida Hall (YUH) 34 Office Hours: 2-5:30pm M, 9:30-11am T, and by appointment Course Website: http://www.sjsu.edu/people/marcos.pizarro/courses/215/ Course Description and Objectives The intent of this course is to engage in an innovative analysis of the Chicana/o educational experience. This investigation is critical because of the dramatic degree of Chicana/o school “failure” today and the significant effect this has on the Chicana/o community and the U.S. at large. Most important, the course is concerned with how we can create transformative educational experiences for all Chicana/o youth. The overall objective of the course is to provide students with the opportunity to apply Chicana/o Studies analyses to the real-world by focusing on the schools and on concretely addressing the needs of Chicana/o educational communities. Our concept of education will be broad so that we can encompass a number of different types of education in our work. You, the students in the class, and your experiences will be among our reference materials. This approach is shaped by 2 assumptions: 1) In order to truly participate in education you have to be given the responsibility to actively participate, and, 2) The issues related to Chicana/o school “failure” have persisted for a very long time and new approaches to addressing these issues are needed (you will help us develop and even implement these new approaches). Finally, we will be using the class itself as a focal point of analysis. That is, we will analyze our own work and processes and how they challenge or reinforce the issues we are considering in the class. Course Readings I have selected one book (Tough) that we will use as a cornerstone for our work. I will also be assigning a few readings that are critical to understanding the Chicana/o school experience along with an excerpt from my book so you can see how I approach these issues as a researcher. That will leave us room to add readings of your choice as well as readings that I identify as helpful given your interests and needs. You should begin reading the research you identified as relevant to your topic now and focus on that once our required readings have been covered. I have also listed a few suggested readings because they are new and a great source to begin research into your areas of interest. Freire, Paulo (1970). Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Chapter 2). New York: Continuum Press. [There are several versions of this book. Any will do, although I’m using the 2000 version.] Pizarro, M. (2005). Chicanas and Chicanos in School: Racial Profiling, Identity Battles, and Empowerment (Chapter 8 – Chicana/o Student Educational Empowerment, Epilogue). University of Texas Press. Tough, Paul (2008).
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215 - Mexican American Studies 215: Chicanas/os and...

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