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Paper Assignment #3: Development Part 1: Write the outline. Due: the first class after the break. (Weighting: 50%) The outline must include complete correct sentences, references, and citations. Part 2: Write the paper. Due: the fourth class after the break. (Weighting: 50%) Prompt: Write a two-page summary of development for your country. Topics: Political and demographic stability effects on development. Their market sectors (ag/mfg/services), and market distances. A major development project, costs, benefits and consequences. HDI, and project future prospects for HDI improvement. Use books, magazine articles, major news feeds, newspapers, and/or professional journal articles to support your assertions. APA text citations are required, and references may be on page 3. I will also grade spelling, grammar, & content quality. Your paper should have an introduction, body, and summary.
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Armenia 84. Ukraine 85. Azerbaijan 86. Thailand 87. Iran (Islamic Republic of) 88. Georgia
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sjsu_g010_2010_spring_paper3_development - Paper...

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