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Paper Guidelines

Paper Guidelines - Complete Guidelines for Research Paper...

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Complete Guidelines for Research Paper Assignments Anth 160 Reconstructing Lost Civilizations M. Pilloud Why a research paper? Writing this paper will give you an idea of how archaeologists reconstruct past behavior from material culture using the scientific method. Your objective for this research paper is to explore scientific efforts to reconstruct past civilizations, while executing various research methodologies. Emphasis should be on scientific methods. Research Paper Assignment Due Dates: Paper idea 15 points March 15 Paper outline 15 points April 19 Final paper 70 points May 10 TOTAL POINTS 100 Pay close attention to due dates as no late papers will be accepted and all   assignments are due in class – NO EXCEPTIONS Student Writing Center The SJSU Writing Center is located in Room 126 in Clark Hall. It is staffed by professional instructors and upper-division or graduate-level writing specialists from each of the seven SJSU colleges. Our writing specialists have met a rigorous GPA requirement, and they are well trained to assist all students at all levels within all disciplines to become better writers. The Writing Center website is located at http://www.sjsu.edu/writingcenter/about/staff/ /. Library Liaison Library Liaison For Anthropology: Bernice Redfern; Librarian; (408) 808-2038; [email protected] http://libguides.sjsu.edu/anthropology 1
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Paper Idea (15 points) Objective: You will identify a topic of interest that you would like to further explore. You will briefly describe your argument and present a thesis statement. You may choose a topic from the list below. If you think you may want to research another topic you feel is relevant to the course, but is not listed below, please contact me well before this assignment is due to verify that your topic is appropriate. List of Topics Remember that your paper topic should focus on scientific methods, and how  archaeologists use science to answer questions about the past.  For this paper,  your focus should be on prehistory  and how it is interpreted by archaeologists. Origins of agriculture (impact on the rise of complex states, health, society, cultural vs. demic diffusion etc.) Mortuary analysis Bioarchaeology Early human evolution Upper Paleolithic culture Ancient civilizations of: Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Australia Pseudoscience vs. scientific archaeology [using three detailed specific examples] Experimental archaeology Archaeological specializations (lithic analysis, faunal analysis, paleobotanicals, pottery, etc.) Archeometry (dating techniques, chemical analyses, etc.) Genuine archaeological mysteries and how archaeology can be used to decipher them: Civilizations of Ancient India, The Chaco phenomenon, Mississippian culture, Mayan collapse, etc. What you will turn in:
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Paper Guidelines - Complete Guidelines for Research Paper...

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