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1 SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY Fall 2009 BUSINESS 171A- Financial Markets and Institutions Ali M. Reza Office Hours: Th 10:30-1:30; 4-6; and by appointment Telephone: 408-924-5447 e-mail: ali.reza@sjsu.edu Office: 860 Bus Tower It is imperative that you read this syllabus carefully and refer to it throughout the term. I will abide by it fully and expect you to do the same. It is also designed to help you get a better grade: important issues are discussed here. Course Objective: To teach students to develop a good understanding of securities, the financial markets and the players in these markets (financial institutions). To perform well in this course you should be extremely knowledgeable with the material covered in Business 170, and be competent in basic accounting. Required Text : Mishkin and Eakins, Financial Market and Institutions , 6th ed., Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2009 Course Requirements : Everything covered in class as well as the required readings. Required readings include assignments from the text as well as material assigned throughout the term. You should regularly read a major financial newspaper, such as the Wall Street Journal . Students must take the midterm and the final exams to pass the course . You are expected to understand and memorize all the formulas that we work with in the course; in particular, you should be able to use the various formulas to apply to different problems. Prerequisites : Passed Bus 170 with a minimum grade of C, as well as all the prerequisites for Bus 170. If you took these courses a year ago or longer, please review them. You should also review your statistics. (Read the description on “Course Objectives”, above). If you take this course without having fulfilled ALL the necessary prerequisite, you will be dropped from the course regardless of when I find out about this violation. Lectures : Lectures are critically important. And if there is a conflict between lecture results and other readings (including our text), lecture results prevail . Attendance : I may take roll but not for grade. Please use the same seat for the duration of the term – this makes it easier for me to get to know you. (I do not require attendance. But I have found a very high correlation between attendance and grade; and since I often cover material not in our text, missing classes can hurt your grade. I do NOT share my lecture notes. Please contact a fellow student to learn what was covered in class in your absence). Assigned Problems:
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