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Comm. 100W Syllabus, Spring 2010

Comm. 100W Syllabus, Spring 2010 - Listen Speak Engage San...

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Listen • Speak • Engage San José State University Department of Communication Studies Comm. 100W: Writing Workshop, Section 3, Spring 2010 Instructor: Julie Mounteer Hawker Office location: Clark Hall, 240A Telephone: 924-5370 Email: [email protected] Office hours: MW noon – 2:30, or by appt. Class days/time: BBC 223, MW 10:30 – 11:45 Prerequisites: A grade of “C” or better in English IB, passage of the Writing Skills Test (WST), upper division standing, and completion of Core GE. GE/SJSU Studies Category Z Catalog Description Current conventions and forms of exposition, argument and persuasion. Writing for the general and specialized audience from the thesis statement approach. Course Goals and Description Welcome to Communication Studies 100W! This course is designed to help you develop advanced proficiency in college-level writing, including appropriate contemporary research strategies and methodologies to communicate effectively to both specialized and general audiences. In effect, this course builds upon the skills and abilities you developed in earlier, writing-intensive courses (i.e., those courses you took to meet the university’s Written Communication 1A & 1B requirements). In this course, we will explore writing as both a means of developing knowledge (i.e., writing as a way of learning) and a means of expressing knowledge (i.e., writing as a way of showing that you’ve learned something). Furthermore, together we will pay particular attention to processes and principles of effective writing that you may apply broadly: as a writer or a reader, from the personal to the professional, from the classroom to the boardroom. While we will focus on writing as communication in this course, we will frequently explore the links between spoken, performed and written communication, as well as topics and readings that will help introduce you to the field of communication studies. Throughout the session, you will engage in a variety of spoken and written assignments. You will write at least 8,000 words for this course, including a series of in-class portfolio writings (approx. 3,000 words total), two shorter writings (approx. 2000 words total) and one larger work (3,000-4,000 words). You will engage in frequent self-evaluation of your own writing, as well as provide substantive feedback to your peers. Also as a part of this course, you will learn to introduce, argue and support persuasive theses with good reasoning, and appropriately documented evidence; we will find many occasions in this course to debate and explore timely and, at times, controversial communication-studies issues. We will also work together to improve your competency with conventions of standard written English, including grammar, mechanics, and word usage. Course Learning Objectives Your successful completion of this course will help you: 1. Refine the competencies established in Written Communication 1A & 1B; COMM 100W, Writing Workshop Spring, 2010 page 1 of 5
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Listen • Speak • Engage 2. Express (explain, analyze, develop and criticize) ideas effectively, including ideas encountered in
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