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Essay question categories 1. You want to tell him what you know the level of the force (substitute products high ect.?) and how technology affects or enables that strategy (chapter 1). a. 2. Know the drawn value chain he drew in class. (refer to notebook) 3. CSO is NOT a C level executive (refer to notebook) 4. Artificial Intelligence. Robotics – the ability to mimic the human, natural interface – ability to communicate with others, cognitive is the brain decisions, how you reason and creates models to predict risks, expert systems learning systems, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms neural network – generates better solutions to a problem, intelligence agents –
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge based to accomplish specific tasks. (refer to ch 2 modified slides) 5. Pg.49 Figure 2.4 in the book. a. Organization level low level managers, managing the fruit section up to the manager of a store, to the executives (sea level executives. b. Processing level - i. You can draw a picture and label it. Explain the drawing of course. ii. The easier it is for the teacher to grade, the higher chance of him giving you a higher grade. Bullet points help him with the key points. 6. Know the ilities Ch 1, 2, 5 & appendix B, 6, 7 KNOW TERMS AT THE END OF EACH CHAPTER AND APPENDIX...
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