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HIST 99 DON Four-Part Preliminary Work for First Paper For the first paper, which is on a primary source, we will have four sessions in class where you will work on the construction of this paper. You will need to download copies of the three primary sources on the course website and bring them to class. The general theme is wo- men’s history. The sources are: a Victorian Era painting of 1851 by Richard Redgrave, The Out- cast; a New Republic journal article by Bruce Blivin in 1925, The Flapper, written in 1925 about the social craze of a particular kind of liberated woman; and The Statement of Purpose from the 1966 convention of the National Organization of Women (NOW). The first session on February 24 will deal with Historical Question and Tentative Thesis. We have already done a good deal of work on historical question and thesis, including our thesis worksheet in preparation for unpacking the two articles. So here I will simply be leading a gen- eral discussion of the three sources; you need to choose one. We will break into three relatively
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