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Korean Instructor Titles

Korean Instructor Titles - Tae Kwon Do Ranks and...

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Tae Kwon Do Ranks and Instructors Tae Kwon Do Ranks Tae Kwon Do ranks are denoted by belts of various colors. They are categorized as black belt (Dan) and ranks below black belt (Gup). In many Tae Kwon Do schools, there are ten of each, although this may vary. Since belt colors may vary, especially with Gup ranks, the ranks are numbered so that students of different schools can gauge their skill relative to each other. Gup ranks count backwards from 10 (white) to 1 (red in most schools), with the black belt being the 1 st Dan. Black belts can advance further, moving up in Dan ranking each time, to 2 nd , 3 rd , etc. Only very accomplished masters reach the 8 th , 9 th , and 10 th Dan. Instructor Titles Although all students and instructors should be treated with respect, in Korean-based martial arts systems, instructors have different titles to indicate their rank and level of teaching experience. Instructor titles are not always automatically granted with rank, and are often awarded as honorary titles. Using
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