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Final Paper and Presentation_4

Final Paper and Presentation_4 - -Is the argument complete...

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Final Paper and Presentation Paper assignment For this assignment you will be asked to find an argumentative text of your choice (speech,  media coverage of an event, advertising campaign, etc.) and evaluate the arguments it make on  the basis of the criteria we have establish this semester. This will demonstrate your  understanding of what make a good argument. Use academic sources to back up your claims  and cite these sources using APA guidelines. Remember that you are also making an  argument. Use the same criteria to evaluate your own writing before you turn in the final draft of  your paper.  Criteria Use the following criteria to evaluate your text: - Are the premises true? - Is the reasoning correct? - Does the arguer commit any logical fallacies? - Are the points clear and precise? - Are the premises relevant to the conclusion? - Are the claim’s logically consistent? Are there contradictions?
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Unformatted text preview: -Is the argument complete? Is the evidence all there?-Is the argument fair? Is the arguer fair in his/her presentation and to the opposing arguments? Grading This paper will be worth 100 points. I will grade it based on the criteria on the grade sheet I will post in the assignments section of my faculty web page no later than Monday, April 25 Due Date This paper is due by 11:59pm on Friday, May 14. Email a word document to me with your name and section number in the subject line. Presentation Prepare a 2-3 minute presentation of the findings of your final paper to deliver in class during the scheduled final exam period. Consult your syllabus for the date and time. This will be worth 50 points, based on your ability to clearly articulate the course concepts as they relate to your argumentative text....
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