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ASIANLAN 125 11-13-7 lecture note - lecture Noun EX(When I...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-13-2007 lecture Noun EX: / (When I have free time...) When I am free, I usually sleep in my house. Q: A What do you usually do when you have free time? A: Noun X / I like~~ / EX: I like Japanese food. Q: Do you like Ann Arbor? A: Yes, I like Ann Arbor. No, I don't like Ann Arbor. Q: Do you like cat? A: Yes, I like cat. No, I don't like cat. The food I like is sushi. The food I dislike is vegetable. The friend I like is Peiying. The class I like is Japanese class. The class I dislike is Chinese class. The University I like is Michigan university. Q: A Noun A: Noun Q: A A: Q: A: Q: A: Volitional form: V stem+ Meaning: Let's do something~ Tomorrow, let's go to library to study Japanese together. Let's travel together during vacation! Let's go to the sea on vacation together! Let's go to coffee shop together this Saturday Shall we~? V-stem + A: Invitation B: Where shall we watch? A: Michigan theater How about Michigan Theater? B: MT What kind of theater is MT? A: MT MT is an old theater and it's a small theater. B: MT It's great. What movie shall we watch at MT? A: How about ratatouille B: What kind of movie is ratatouille? A: Ratatouille is an interesting movie and it's also a fun movie. B: MT (Or) That's great. Then let's watch at MT. Or..Let's watch ratatouille. A: Let's do so B: Saturday then. A: Saturday. ...
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