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Final presentation: As the culminating experience for this course, you will present your work to the class and field questions from your audience. You are also required to attend other presentations and ask questions of your peers. The final presentation is worth 100 points. Questions are worth 40 points. Your presentation must be six to seven minutes in length plus questions. There will be a designated timekeeper who will keep time for you and who will cut you off after seven minutes. Be sure to practice your presentation so that you do not exceed the time limit! The focus of your presentation should be the argument you make in your paper. As with your paper, you should 1) introduce your topic (or The Situation) and preview your argument and proposal; 2) provide details on the situation and explain why it is problem; 3) summarize your argument; 4) provide the details of your proposal; and 5) conclude your talk. PowerPoint:
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