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Rothwell did a great job capturing the audience's attention in his first sentence, "When you first gather in a group, you normally feel some jitters and uneasiness called primary rension" (77). Readers can quickly picture the scenario and relate to the emotions people would feel in the same situation. The entire paragraph is so well written that readers can easily comprehend Rothwell's definition of primary tension. He even gives readers more real life examples of primary tension. Basically, I didn't feel like Rothwell was trying to convince his readers in the form of an argument. Furthermore, Rothwell discusses different ways to reduce primary tension within groups because he assures readers that all groups will encounter this aspect of social tension. Rothwell wrote, "Primary tension is a natural dynamic of group life." (78). The best solution he offers to diminish any tension is simply, over time, people will need to become comfortable around all of their peers. I can definitely relate to primary tension on the first day of class. Most of the time, it
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