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Physics 50 Sample Midterm Exam #2 (25 points) by Todd Sauke Name_____________________________ Question #1. (6 points) At time t = 0 s, a wheel has an angular displacement of zero radians and an angular velocity of +28 rad / s. The wheel has a constant acceleration of –0.36 rad / s 2 . We want to find the maximum value of the angular displacement, (in radians) , for the wheel. (This is how far in radians the wheel turns before the negative acceleration stops the wheel and makes it begin to go backwards.) In the following table of rotational kinematic variables, enter the data, including implied data , for which we know the values. | θ | θ 0 | ω | ω 0 | α | t | 1 point Write the equation from the study guide that relates the known variables with the target variable. ___________________________________________ 1 point Solve the equation for the target variable and write the maximum value of the angular displacement, (in radians), for the wheel. ____________________________ rad 3 points How many complete revolutions does this correspond to? ____________________________ revolutions 1 point
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Question #2. (9 points)
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Physics_50_F08_Sample_Midterm_x2 - Physics 50 Sample...

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