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Objectives Develop various effective typographic compositions communicating these concepts in order: Repetition Transition Opposition Using black and white letterforms from the Helvetica family. Inspirations Karl Gerstner, Ladislav Sutnar, El Lissitzky, Jan Tschichold, Wolfgang Weingart, Alexander Rodschenko, Piet Zwart, April Greiman, Piet Zwart Required copy abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (Use once, divide between squares in order, any mix of upper and lowercase.) Presentation Submit three of your best solutions in black and white: 5.5 inch square Highest quality prints on heavy matt paper (min 1200 dpi laser print or 1400 dpi inkjet print) Mount as shown on 15x20 inch black presentation board Document, organize, and stable all your process work (sketches) on letter size paper (8.5 x 11 inch) In–class materials Course reading and paperwork in three-ring binder Pencil, kneaded eraser, metal non-slip cutting ruler, x-acto knife with #11
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Unformatted text preview: blades, portable cutting surface, 9 x 12 tracing pads, sketch book • Graphic arts adhesive and glue stick, and clear push pins • Laptop computer with largest possible screen • Adobe Illustrator, page layout, and fonts software • Helvetica type family required, no substitutions Schedule 2/1 m project 1: composition 2/3 w project 1 individual sketch review, hands-on type workshop (discovery) reading: thinking with type, pp. 7-28 2/8 m project 1 group critique (exploration) 2/10 w project 1 individual review, digital type workshop (exploration) reading: thinking with type, pp. 29-47 2/15 m * sjsu faculty furlough day, no class 2/17 w project 1 group critique (refinement) 2/22m project 1 due san jose state university / spring 2010 / dsgd 99 introduction to typography 2 / 1 / 1 0 P. 6 project 1—composition repetition 1” 1” .75” .75” 4.75” 4.75” transition opposition 5.5”...
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