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DENSO Corporation - to capture the markets that are...

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Global Dimensions of Business November 18, 2008 DENSO Corporation DENSO needed to internationalize because it was market seeking. Since the automotive industry, and particularly Toyota, is their biggest buyer, they were going to countries that Toyota and other major car manufacturers are already set up in. Toyota uses a JIT system so DENSO needs to be close to Toyota’s plants to deliver the products efficiently. DENSO’s strategy is to expand the company by moving into new countries and setting up plants that can produce needed products so they don’t have to adjust the products that are being made in Japan. DENSO plans on investing in expansion to China and Europe to try
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Unformatted text preview: to capture the markets that are starting to grow there. DENSO is a good company to work for because they have a policy that says that no employee will be let go. The company says that if an employee is not needed in one area then the company will rotate him and retrain him in the new area instead of laying him off. DENSO uses a JIT system for the air conditioners it makes for Toyota. They manufacture some of the parts and get the others from outside suppliers. DENSO also separates its production facilities and uses a lot of robotics on the production and assembly lines....
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