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Individual Report - agreement we all found ways to...

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Individual Report My evaluation having to do with our negotiation between us and the country of the Netherlands fills me with great content. I felt we were successful in our attempt to complete this project. I thought throughout the entire project that we all worked greatly together. Not only the members of my group (Mali) but also the members of the Netherlands showed enormous heart for this project. We all contributed our parts to come to a final outcome that we all felt happy with. I was happy with everyone’s effort in completing this project. Everyone has been involved in a group project when not everyone has contributed to it. This makes things that much harder for the other members. That was not the case with this group of people. When it came down to doing the actual negotiation, I felt that everyone had something meaningful to say. There was not a time when the room was silent and no one was throwing ideas out there. I felt that when the two groups were trying to come to an
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Unformatted text preview: agreement we all found ways to respectfully speak our minds. Of course there are times when two people do not agree on the same thing, although we all were able to either find a way to agree or be able to agree to disagree. I thought this was great because it is not often when a group is formed not knowing what the other persons view is and it all works out for the best. I enjoyed working with this group of people. They all were extremely giving and nice to others not to mention accommodating. Now a days it is often hard to find time for a number of people to get together. We all have extremely busy schedules leaving it hard for us to set aside an hour, let alone several hours to complete a project where you feel comfortable with the outcome. This was an extremely successful group. I am happy with our finished product and look forward to hearing some feedback....
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Individual Report - agreement we all found ways to...

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