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Psych 222 Integration Assignment 1 Worth 10 Points Please respond to the following integration questions in no more than 3 double spaced pages using a 12 point font. Please cite at least 1 chapter or essay from your readings in each response. 1. Drawing upon examples from your readings, describe the ways in which systems of race, class, and gender serve to privilege some people and simultaneously disadvantage others. 2. Drawing upon examples from your readings, how do racism, sexism and
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Unformatted text preview: heterosexism serve to structure reality for us? 3. Based on everything you have learned in the program so far, what is the role of context in clients’ problems? Provide examples from your readings in this class. 4. According to your textbook, how does feminist therapy differ from traditional therapy? 5. How have your own experiences with socio-cultural dimensions such as race, class, gender, immigration, and ability influenced your decision to become a therapist?...
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