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Special Project Paper Instructions Purpose This paper will enable students to conduct an analysis of an organization in order to offer the student an opportunity to demonstrate his/her knowledge related to the application of systems, ecological and other HBSE theory. The special project paper also provides an opportunity for a student to gain in-depth understanding of an organization that is relatively new to the student. Finally, the special project paper provides an opportunity to conduct the kind of “mezzo” and “macro” analysis that social workers often conduct in their professional careers. These analyses are generally strongest when they integrate the social workers expert analysis, information from outside sources (articles, chapters, documents from government or nonprofit organizations on related topics), and perspectives from “key informants” or participants in the group, organization or community of interest. Selection of Organization Students should select a social service organization or an organization that is otherwise concerned with social issues and social justice. Students who are in a field placement are encouraged (but not required) to use this placement, providing this is acceptable to the field instructor. Students may also select another agency for the paper. In selecting the agency, students should consider issues of access. At the same time, students should not use entities such as current or past employers. Students must advise the instructor of their proposed topic, and obtain approval before starting the project. Format and Citations Papers should be approximately ten (e.g., 9 to 11) double-spaced pages in length plus references. There should be at least three relevant references to scholarly sources included in your paper (outside of the textbook or reader). Generally, these references will appear in the background or discussion sections. If there is little research directly related to your topic, you may identify articles that address different facets of your topic. For example, if you are writing about an agency that serves Southeast Asian refugees and cannot find references about this specific kind of agency you may refer to articles that discuss the issues of Southeast Asian refugees and articles that discuss the organizational issues of population- specific non-profit agencies. In addition, non-scholarly materials such as agency brochures, agency web pages, newsletters or newspaper articles related to the agency are often important sources for the paper and should be cited. Generally, students use at least two of these types of references in their papers. Be sure to include applicable HBSE related theories and concepts in your analysis (and cite
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SW_214_Paper_Instructions_x08x - SW 214- Human Behavior &...

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