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EDEL 103, MLE Participation Activities REQUIRED OF EVERYONE: COMMUNITY ARTS AND PUBLIC PRESENTATION (10 points) Objective: You will begin to develop culture competence by identifying and participating in a cultural context different from your own. Attend a performance or community event sponsored by a local agency or community that represents a non-European ethnicity or culture different from your own. If you have questions as to whether the event you have selected is appropriate for the assignment, please see me. Write a brief summary of your experience. Note: The nature of the event, who sponsored it, and what it means to the community; Who is in attendance; What you experienced; How it did or did not meet your expectations; What funds of knowledge exist in this community; What you learned that you did not know before and how that will be helpful to you as a teacher. You may need to do some research to clarify the nature and meaning of the event. If you use outside sources of information, be sure to cite them appropriately. CHOOSE TWO (10 points each) Choose two of the following activities. Write a brief summary of your impressions/participation. The questions are intended as a guideline. You may make useful observations beyond the questions. You may want to do this with a partner or with your group. Obviously there will be some overlap in your summaries, but your reflections should be your own. Attend a Faculty Meeting Objective: You will learn what faculty meetings reveal about the way curricular and policy decisions are made in the school. Observe and write up the following: Who is present (teachers only, administrators, other support staff)? Does this meeting bring together personnel from a single grade? Multiple grades? The entire school? Who set the agenda? What is on the agenda? Are the issues significant? Are individual students discussed? To what end? Who is running the meeting? How formally is the meeting run? Is this a work session, an information dissemination session?
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103jlhMLEparticipateS2010 - EDEL 103, MLE Participation...

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