RD1-Apples better than PC(OPP)

RD1-Apples better than PC(OPP) - This House believes that...

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Comm. 140P: Opposition Case Resolution: This house believes that Apples are better than PCs. (Do not change the wording of the resolution. Both sides need to argue the same resolution, but your position on the resolution is different and you state that in the background). We agree that Apples = Macintosh computers Background: Although, yes it is true that for many years competition has existed between Mac and PC users. Mac users feel Mac’s are better, PC users feel PC’s are better; it is undeniable that biases between both Mac and PC users exists, so who is right? The reality of it is that both Mac and PC’s are equally good; they are equally capable of performing the same tasks and functions as any other brand of laptop. How many of us here own Mac’s and how many of us own Pc’s? Statistically proven, the numbers are about the same. We will win this debate by demonstrating that the Government’s position is irrelevant because they are both of equal value. Topicality Shells: Topicality of “better” Standards: The Governments definition violates the standard reason because it is too vague Violations: The definition violates the standard of reason because a good definition would be specific in terms of what is considered “better”; because better can mean different things for each individual. Counter-definition: The Opposition offers the following definition for the term better: “to improve upon; surpass; exceed; or of high quality; excellent” (Webster’s Dictionary) Reason to prefer counter definition: This definition is precise and clear cut; our definition is more correctly contextually than the Government’s.
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RD1-Apples better than PC(OPP) - This House believes that...

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