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Paper 4 Writing Workshop Spring 2010 Instructions : 1. Choose one of the following poems: Knoxville, TN, Bells for John Whiteside s Daughter, Revolutionary Petunias, or Georgia Dusk. 2. Using your poetry analysis worksheet, write a paper that discusses the ways that tone, diction, irony, images, symbols, and figures of speech contribute to the creation of meaning in the poem. 3. Advice: Remember that you have to write in complete sentences organized into coherent paragraphs. You also need an introduction (complete with
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Unformatted text preview: thesis ) and a conclusion. Also remember that the MLA has very picky rules for quoting from poetry--be sure to follow these rules precisely. Format: Length: 1,000 words; typed, double-spaced plus PA worksheet Margins: Follow MLA rules for margins Documentation: Follow MLA rules for parenthetical documentation and a works cited list Don't forget to turn in a poetry analysis worksheet (completed items 1-9) for this particular poem. Due : In class April 22...
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