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CD169 Syllabus generic 2 - San Jose State University...

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San Jose State University ChAD169: Motivating Children and Adolescents in Educational Settings Spring 2010 Instructor : Donna Bee-Gates, Ph.D. Office : Sweeney Hall, Room 215 Phone: (408) 924-3872 Email: [email protected] Website: (All course materials can be downloaded from this site) Office Hours : Mondays 11:45-12:30pm Wednesdays 8:30-9:00am Yahoo Groups: SJSUSpring2010 Required Reading : Stipek, D. J. (2002). Motivation to learn: From theory to practice . (4 th Ed.) Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon. Additional readings can be purchased at Maple Press, 481 E. San Carlos St., San Jose, (408) 297- 1000. Suggested: Esquith, R. (2007). Teach like your hair’s on fire. New York: Penguin Books. Mission of the College of Education: The mission of the College of Education at San José State University is to prepare professional educators for service in a diverse, technologically complex democracy. In support of the mission, the faculty are committed to the preparation of professionals who will make decisions affecting educational policy and practice from a reflective perspective; create educational contexts which enable all students to learn and achieve; accept responsibility for the improvement of the human condition; conduct and apply research on teaching and learning; model teaching excellence by demonstrating subject matter competence and sound pedagogical principles; promote public education as an institution necessary to democracy; take part in the cultural and intellectual life of the community. Mission of the Department of Child and Adolescent Development: The mission of the Child and Adolescent Development program is to develop educated persons: intelligent, well-informed, responsible life-long learners who take an active interest in the world around them. The goal is to prepare individuals who have a command of various theories and milestones of development; an appreciation of the influences of parents, peers, teachers, social institutions and other socializing agents on all domains of development throughout childhood and adolescence; and appreciation of the special considerations relevant to cultural, ethnic, social class, and gender diversity; an awareness of the effect of different child-rearing practices or conditions on the fulfillment of development promise (e.g., parenting styles, day care, divorce, child abuse); and understanding of individual differences (e.g., learning styles, abilities, handicaps) and how to accommodate them; and a sensitivity to the commonality and diversity of people of all ages. Course Objectives : This course presents theories of motivation from historical and contemporary perspectives such as psychoanalysis, individual psychology, reinforcement theory, and cognitive psychology. While the focus is on theory and empirical evidence bearing upon the psychological processes by which behavior is directed, implications for educational settings are also explored. Specific information about how 1
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CD169 Syllabus generic 2 - San Jose State University...

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