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Math 19 Grade Progress It is completely straightforward to keep track of your grade-to-date in this class. Every point is weighted exactly the same. All you need to do is add up the points you have earned so far, and divide by the total points it was possible for you to earn. This will give you the percent of points you have earned, and you can use the scale below to identify your current grade in the class. At NO POINT during the semester should you come to me with no clue about where your grade stands. Each homework assignment starting with HW 2.1 will be graded out of 1 point. Take whatever percent you earned on that homework assignment, and give yourself the appropriate fraction of 1 point, rounded to the nearest two
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Unformatted text preview: decimal places. For example, if you earned 73.6% on HW 2.1, then give yourself 0.74 points for that homework. By the end of chapter 2, it will have been possible to earn 6 points total. Points Possible Points Earned Preparation for Success Paper 5 Final Reflective Paper 5 Homework Assignments 40 Quiz 1 25 Quiz 2 25 Quiz 3 25 Quiz 4 25 Hourly Exam 1 75 Hourly Exam 2 75 Hourly Exam 3 75 Final Exam 125 Total 500 Grades to Date Date Points Earned So Far Points Possible So Far Items Included Percent Earned So Far Grade to Date Your course grade will be determined by the following standard: A range: 90-91%: A-92-97%: A 98-100%: A+ B range: 80-81%: B-82-87%: B 88-89%: B+ C range: 72-77%: C 78-79%: C+ NC range: 0-71%...
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