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H170_Syll_Spr10_Mar22 - SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY Riots and...

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1 SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY Riots and Revolts in American History History 170: Topics in American History - Spring 2010 Professor Ruma Chopra Class meets: M, 3-5:45 p.m., DMH 163 Office hours: T, 9:00-10:00 a.m., W, 1:00-3:00 p.m., and by appointment Office: DMH 316 Phone: 408-924-5515 Email: [email protected] Class Website: http://www.sjsu.edu/people/ruma.chopra/courses/h170 (You can access the syllabus, handouts, and paper guidelines via this website.) Course Description An in-depth investigation of selected periods or problems. May be repeated for credit for different topics. No credit for history majors or minors. 3 units. Completion of this course fulfills the F1 U.S. History portion of the American Institutions graduation requirements. Riots and revolts dramatically illuminate the tensions and fears of the societies they disrupt. Some actions spring from conservative community impulses; others allow the politically powerless to command the attention and reaction of those who hold power. Using a variety of primary accounts and current historical research, the class will investigate the causes of revolt and the role of rebellion in political and social change. We will analyze how leadership, ideology, geography, religion, race, and sex shaped incidents of riots and rebellions. We will explore the motives and meanings of Native American rebellions within English settlements in the seventeenth century, pre- Revolutionary and Revolutionary mob activity in urban and rural settlements in the eighteenth century, and slave rebellions in the nineteenth century. Individual student projects will bring the story forward, by applying the analyses we develop to more recent riots and revolts. Prerequisite Upper division standing. The course is designed so that students will consider principal events, developments, ideas, politics, and international relations in the territories now in the United States. It provides a multicultural framework, including both conflict and consensus perspectives, of the choices and options available to individuals and groups in their social, economic, and political relations. The course focuses on the development of a multicultural American society and on interactions, including cooperation and conflict, as varied peoples have dealt with social, economic, and political issues.
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2 In the context of the general topic(s) around which the course is organized, students will study some combination of the following: the earliest inhabitants, colonization, women’s roles and gender relations, the American Revolution and early Republic, immigration and territorial expansion, patterns of race/ethnic and class relations, economic development, foreign relations, the Civil War and Reconstruction industrialization and urbanization, Populism and Progressivism, wars and conflicts of the 20 th century, the New Deal, the Fair Deal, and McCarthyism, and the Great Society and the civil rights movement.
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H170_Syll_Spr10_Mar22 - SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY Riots and...

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