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172F syllabus 2010 - Listen Speak Engage ,172F, Section01,...

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Listen • Speak • Engage San Jos é  State University Communication Studies, 172F, Multicultural Communication,  Section 01, Spring 2010 Area Foundations Instructor: Dr. Marquita L. Byrd Office location: HGH 206 Telephone: 408-924-5385 Email: [email protected] Office hours: MW 7:30-8:45 MW 12-1:00 MW 2:45-3:30 Class days/time: Mon Wed 1:30-2:45 Classroom: HGH 225 Prerequisite/Corequisite: Comm 101 Course Description : Analysis of communication between and among people of diverse countries and nations. The major concepts of cultural values, language, identity, hegemony, peace, and globalization are addressed in this course. Topics include speech communication principles, conflict management, language, and attitudes. Includes both theory and praxis Required Text Jandt, F., (2009) (6 th ed.). An Introduction to Intercultural Communication: Identities in a Global Community. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. ISBN-10:1412970105 Succeeding in a Four-Unit Course  At SJSU, students are expected to spend two hours outside of class for every one hour of class time. Because this is a four-unit class, you can expect to spend a minimum of eight hours per week in addition to time spent in class and on scheduled tutorials or activities. Special projects or assignments may require additional work for the course. Careful time management will help you keep up with readings and assignments and enable you to be successful in all of your courses. FOUNDATIONS, Inquiry, Practice Each course in the Department of Communication Studies primarily focuses on one of three areas: Foundations (theoretical underpinnings of the discipline), Inquiry (research in the discipline), or Practice (application of communication theories and concepts to real world contexts). COMM 172F is a Foundations course. Although the course incorporates research (inquiry), and practice (application), the primary purpose of COMM 172F is to facilitate students’ understanding of the theories and paradigms (foundations) used to interrogate global communication among different large societies and nations. 1 |  P a g e
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Listen • Speak • Engage Foundations Area Objectives This course satisfies the FOUNDATIONS area of Communication Studies learning objectives. All FOUNDATIONS courses, including COMM 172F, share these learning objectives: Theories of Communication : Demonstrate understanding of the major theories that have shaped the communication field. Ethics : Demonstrate understanding of ethical responsibilities in communicating with others in interpersonal, organizational, small group, mediated, public communication in intercultural/international contexts. Course Goals Within the FOUNDATIONS area, COMM 172F is designed to help students develop communication competencies in the multicultural arena. There are no cookbook answers, but there are particular philosophical perspectives that allow communicators to be more sensitive to differences, while being aware of similarities among all human beings. After students have finished the course, they will have
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