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Tribute Speech Sample - 1 OUTLINE WORKSHEET TOPIC: Paying...

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OUTLINE WORKSHEET INTRODUCTION ATTENTION GETTER: Mother Teresa once said, "If you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” Once, I used to think that unconditional love was impossible. If someone were to betray me, it would be a cinch to leave. However, my father has represented this paradoxical concept of unconditional love. When my mother was unfaithful to him when I was twelve, I was the one who told him. Knowing the truth, he did not sway. He kept loving her, and our family is still together and strong because of the brave and selfless action he took. PSYCHOLOGICAL ORIENTATION (relate topic to this audience) : All of us live busy lives. Sometimes, we may feel like locomotives, chugging through life, caring only about our needs and aspirations. I’m thankful to have an opportunity like this to stop for just a moment and pay tribute to someone who has contributed tremendously to who I am today. LOGICAL ORIENTATION (state thesis, then preview main points) : My father is so great because of his unconditional love, but beyond that, he’s so much more. He’s an excellent poker player, has a contagious laugh, is an awesome karaoke singer, and can do the cha cha like no other. But today, I only have time to share with you how he’s innovative, persevering, and peaceful. BODY
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Tribute Speech Sample - 1 OUTLINE WORKSHEET TOPIC: Paying...

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