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Research Paper Topics

Research Paper Topics - Sociology Psychology& Cultural...

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M. Hager, ENGL 1B, Spring 2010 Essay #6: Argumentative Research Paper Possible Topics Choose one topic from the following list. All topics are related to assigned readings that we have done throughout the semester while you may use the readings as sources for your paper, it is not required. Keep in mind that these are very broad, general topics, and you will need to narrow the subject in order to focus your essay. History: Foreign perspectives of America Diversity and racial issues Media and the Arts The role/influence of movies/film in society The role/influence of music in society The role/influence of video games in society The role/influence of the arts in society Media violence Movie and/or music piracy Book censorship Censorship of reporters/media outlets Sociology, Psychology, & Cultural Issues:
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Unformatted text preview: Sociology, Psychology, & Cultural Issues: Grade inflation Outsourcing/offshoring Utilitarianism Poverty in America Adolescent development Racial stereotypes and discrimination Consumerism/materialism Workers’ rights Science: Gene patents RFID Chips Scientific experimentation Technological developments Literature / Film: Watch a movie or read a book that deals with one of the above topics and develop a research-informed argument about the fictional representations of real issues. You may use more than one movie or book. You CANNOT write on the following topics: cloning, gay marriage, doctor-assisted suicide/euthanasia, the death penalty, or abortion. These issues have been overdone —the goal is to think about something “new.”...
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