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Basic American Values Achievement and Success In our competitive society, stress is placed on personal achievement. This is measured by accomplishments, such as economic ones. Success emphasizes rewards. Success is involved with activity; failure is often assigned to character defects. Success is often equated with bigness and newness, prestige, power, and wealth. Activity and work Americans also value busyness, speed, bustle, action. The frontier idea of work for survival is still with us, as is the Puritan ethic of work before play. Work becomes an end in itself. A person’s worth is measured by his or her performance. We firmly believe in everyone working and we cndem as lazy those who don’t work. Moral orientation Americans think in terms of good and bad, right and wrong – not just in practical terms. Early Puritan ideas of working hard, leading an orderly life, having a reputation for integrity and fair dealing, avoiding reckless display, and carrying out one’s purposes still hold weight. Moralize, tend to see the world in absolute wrong or right. Humanitarian Mores
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Basic_American_Values - Basic American Values Achievement...

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