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Notes - Just in Time - 11-12-2008

Notes - Just in Time - 11-12-2008 - ii They work...

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Just In Time 1) What is the water in the sailboat analogy? 2) Lean Production a) Goal is to minimize the input of resources into the assembly line. b) Has no surplus on the line or in the factory warehouse c) If it cannot be used now it should not be around d) “Focused factory networks” i) Goal is to streamline the production process – build only what needs to be built when it needs to be built. e) The Aurora plant for Caterpillar i) Ran by SBU – strategic business units
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Unformatted text preview: ii) They work independently of other SBUs iii) Allows company to maintain their production process while…. f) Group technology – group all the machines together that are used in a process i) Saves inventory ii) Reduces lead time to customer g) Jidoka i) Maintain quality at every stage of the manufacturing process instead of just at the end of the process ii) Allowed to stop the line at anytime to fix an identified problem....
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