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AAS33B 01-07 Do-Franks - Do America 1900-1945 and American...

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January 07, 2007 Do America, 1900-1945 and American Democracy? Part II Chinese came because of devastation of environmental of natural disasters, taxation, and Opium wars. 1849 – in CA – Goldrush – really important 1849-1854 – in a span of 6 years Chinese were define as no legal standing – Hall vs. People – Chinese cannot testify in court – not a human being – no legal standing People vs. Hall (1854) A California state Supreme Court case, not a U.S. In 1851, CA passed a law similar to other stimulations = no white person can be convicted to court based on mixed person (black and Indians) (based upon their testimony) Now, enter George Hall, white gambler, Hall accuses Chinese of cheating, so he gunned the guy down. 5-6 Chinese witnesses, except one white. Hall and his lawyers based on 1851 law = Chinese are socially inferior, cannot be trusted, thus People say he was right. What about the white witness; since equal standing then accused wins. Governor John Bigler of California (3 rd Governor in history) calls for exclusion Chinese shouldn’t not be here in U.S. Bachelor Society – Not – married, more money, less expenses, no children, free to move around, and play the field. Some are married, but came as single. But if they left back to China, they cannot come back. Diaspora – Chinese leaving China to other places (England, South Africa, etc.) Sojourner -So Chinese immigrants left as single men even when they had a family to earn enough money to go back home. No intent to resettle. Gold Mountain – Name given my Chinese to CA.
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Two ways Chinese immigrated: 1. Credit Ticket System (not as “Coolies” but slave-like labor)– Chinese merchants (provide the necessary resources) lend money, pay boat fee, arrange for housing and job and later on with recreational activities, but have to be obligated to deduct money from salary to pay back. One way to do is withhold their legal documents so they won’t just take money and go back to China. Another way is to have a relationship with the captain of the ship so they won’t escape. Kings, Queens, etc. Teachers (highly respected) Farmer/ Artisans (produce the food) Merchants (sell stuff, got resources and capital to do so) – become very powerful class and able to control Chinatown 2. Contract Labor System (“Coolie”) – Indentured servitude (used in Hawaii to some extent, wasn’t use much in U.S., more in South Africa, etc.) - Will pay fee and stuff but have to work from 5-7 years and then free.
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AAS33B 01-07 Do-Franks - Do America 1900-1945 and American...

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