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Extra_2___Time_Availability_Calculation - Total Hours Per...

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Time Availability Calculation This exercise is strictly for your own information. It will not be turned in. The purpose is to help you realistically determine how many hours per week you have available to devote to your college coursework. For each category below, fill in the hours you spend daily and/or weekly on that activity. Average Daily Amount Weekly Total Hours devoted to sleeping Hours devoted to showering, dressing, grooming, etc. Hours for prepping and eating meals Hours for household chores: cleaning, tidying, yard work, grocery shopping, etc. Hours for commute time Hours for work Hours for volunteer activities Hours for other obligations (specify:_________________) Hours for down time (hobbies, entertainment, social activities, etc.)
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Unformatted text preview: Total Hours Per Week Committed to Non-School Activity: ________ Total Hours Available every Week: 168 hours Hours Available to Devote to School Activity: __________ For every N units you are enrolled in, you must devote 2N hours per week outside of class time to have a reasonable chance of success in your coursework. By the time you add the N hours per week that class attendance requires, you must devote 3N hours per week to your coursework to have a reasonable chance of success. Divide your hours available to devote to school activity by 3 to find the recommended number of units for you to take, assuming your current life circumstances remain the same. Recommended unit-load this semester: __________...
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