Hume - Hume "Of the Standard of Taste" [abridged...

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Hume "Of the Standard of Taste" [abridged in Goldblatt and Brown] "Hume, David. An eminent historian [and philosopher]. Born in Edinburgh, 1711. After laying the basis of a great literary reputation by is "Treatise of Human Nature," produced "Essays, Moral, Political, and Literary," and other works. His celebrated "History of England," published between the years 1754 and 1761, for two generations esteemed the ablest work of its class; was considered by many critics open to objection on the score of skepticism and undue partiality. Hume died in 1776." a much better biography appears at 1) natural to seek a Standard of Taste: a rule to reconcile or to confirm/condemn 2) one species of philosophy says this is hopeless a) all sentiment [feeling] is right because it does not refer and is always real b) all determinations of the understanding [judgments of scientific and mathematical fact] are not right for they refer beyond themselves i) here, only one opinion is true c) by contrast, sentiment only marks a conformity between the object and the faculties of the mind d) beauty is not a quality in things themselves e) it exists merely in the mind that contemplates those things f) each mind perceives a different beauty g) no one should try to regulate the feelings of others h) there is no more real beauty than real sweet i) it is fruitless to dispute concerning tastes: mental as well as bodily j) here, common sense and skeptical philosophy join 3) another species of common sense that opposes or at least restrains the first a) Ogilby [a writer practically unknown today] is obviously not as great as Milton [a writer still taught in English departments as one of the greats]
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Hume - Hume "Of the Standard of Taste" [abridged...

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