Assignement #3

Assignement #3 - 4-24-06Phil 61 Vaidya3rd Writing...

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Unformatted text preview: 4-24-06Phil 61 Vaidya3rd Writing AssignmentWhen It Comes Down to ItIn a lifetime, one will encounter many different moral problems, which the end results in a decision to be made. Last week, Sunday April 16, 2006, I came home from my work at around 10:15pm. As I pulled up to my home, I noticed that my neighbor from across the street had its garage door open. My neighbors were an elderly couple, and I would estimate that they are in their near or early seventies in age. On occasion, we engage in conversation when we see each other outside of our homes. At the time of my arrival, I did not see anybody around his home, neither were there people on our street. Looking across the street at my neighbors home, the first thing that stood out to me was that all of the house lights were off and that his white Honda Accord was parked in his garage. I thought to myself about how long the garage door could have been open, and, whether or not, the couple had already been sleeping since the lights were off. I figured that if this was in fact the case, the door being left open, then I would have to notify them...
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Assignement #3 - 4-24-06Phil 61 Vaidya3rd Writing...

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