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1 MATHEMATICS SEMINAR 108D Instructor: Patricia E. Swanson, Ph.D. Spring 2007 O f f i c e : S H 3 4 1 Office Hours: Thurs. 12-2; Wed. 12-1 or by appt. 3 units Phone: 924-3769 SH 334 Fax: (831) 389-4738 email: [email protected] San José State University College of Education Mission Statement The mission of the College of Education at San José State University is to prepare educators who have the knowledge, skills, dispositions and ethics that ensure equity and excellence for all students in a culturally diverse, technologically complex, global community I. Course Description In this course students will examine the issues and the reform movement shaping mathematics education today. The course is organized around three essential goals. First, to prepare you to provide an inclusive and challenging math program to all students. To this end a wide range of pedagogical strategies pertinent to the teaching of mathematics in academically and linguistically diverse classrooms will be modeled and practiced. Within the context of the “balanced approach” and rigorous content standards advocated by the state, the course focuses on helping you to enhance all students’ access to and interest in mathematics. Consequently, a second goal of the course is to assist you in organizing and managing the classroom to maximize student access to the mathematics curriculum. Practical strategies for teaching behavioral norms, structuring groupwork and paired activities, efficiently using manipulative materials, and strategically planning for a single day, a unit of instruction, and a scope and sequence for the entire year will be emphasized throughout the course. Finally, the third goal of this course is to increase your interest and understanding of mathematics, such that your enthusiasm for the subject infuses your classroom. II. Required Readings Burns, M. (2000). About Teaching Mathematics: A K-8 Resource . White Plains, NY (Cuisenaire Co.): Math Solutions Publications. (second edition) California Department of Education (2006). Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools . Sacramento, CA: Department of Education. Van de Walle, J.A. (2007). Elementary and Middle School Mathematics . New York, NY: Addison Wesley Longman. (sixth edition) Field Experience Guide (for Elementary and Middle School Mathematics) . Course Handouts EDEL 108D Swanson available at ASU Printshop
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2 III. Course Objectives Students will demonstrated an understanding of selected research and learning theories pertinent to mathematics education. Students will demonstrate the ability to design and implement mathematics lessons
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Math_generic_Syl_rev.4.07 - MATHEMATICS SEMINAR 108D...

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