Homework 1 - Green - Honda

Homework 1 - Green - Honda - Prof Denzler Oper Man Going...

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Prof. Denzler Oper. Man. 9/16/08 Going Green in the 21 st Century – Honda Although Honda manufactures jet engines, motorcycles, jets, and motors for many other products, the focus of this essay of the CZARP model will be their automotive division. Honda belongs to Camp Three, environmentally astute, in the CZARP model. They do very well to help the environment with their cleaner burning engines, hybrids, and alternative fuel cars. The fact that they are making cars and polluting the earth with exhaust from the cars and pollution from their factories keeps them from being in Camp Four, but it I believe Honda’s present green plan would put them at the top of a list of green companies. As is, Honda was voted greenest company by Fortune Magazine in 2008. I do believe they are green, but they are still polluting the earth and if they were “environmental angels” then they would pour more money into alternative fuel and less into their little robot, ASIMO. Honda is affecting the most controversial zone there is and that is our air quality. Their car’s emissions over the last 30 years may have contributed to global warming, one of the hottest topics of my generation and the spring board for this “green revolution”. Possibly more important than the emissions from the cars is the emissions from their factories that have poured measureless amounts of pollutants
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into the air we breathe. Not only does Honda affect our air but they also affect humans. The amount of deaths due to car crash totaled 43,000 in 2005 in the U.S. alone. In fact more people are killed every year by cars than by terrorism, which poses the question: what war should we be fighting? But that is another topic. On an average 120
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Homework 1 - Green - Honda - Prof Denzler Oper Man Going...

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