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Comm. 100W Final Project II

Comm. 100W Final Project II - FINAL PROJECT Worth 100...

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FINAL PROJECT Worth 100 points Length: minimum 3,000 words (Not including title or reference page). First Draft: worth 25 points (Not counting the final draft) First and final drafts must go through Turnitin.com with receipt attached to both drafts. Sources : No less than 5 sources. Three sources must peer-reviewed academic journals. Websites of any kind are not considered credible sources. You can use online journals, articles, books, etc. In writing your project, you will follow the same guidelines in regard to in-text citing. I expect to see consistent references to your sources throughout your entire paper using APA. Choose one of the following options : Autoethnography An autoethnography combines autobiography (the stories we tell about ourselves) and ethnography (the stories we tell about social groups or cultures). Thus, an autoethnography is an exploration of our multiple selves in the various contexts that define us. Such writing may assert alternative forms of meaning and power from those associated with dominant culture. For this project you are asked to create a representation of you in relation to the culture around you. Read no less than 5 articles on a human cultural phenomenon that intrigues you. Write a creative, performative paper that demonstrates how you help to create that phenomenon , and how that phenomenon helps to create you (in other words, how is communication functioning to make this cultural phenomenon possible), and with what consequences (and for whom). For instance, if I belong to a certain religious group which is its own subculture, how does that subculture help to define me and my self-concept and/or self-identity? Conversely, how do I contribute in communicative ways to my particular subculture? No subculture can exist unless its members contribute to it; thus, it maintains its existence.
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