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Unformatted text preview: 11-20-2007 lecture - -Verb To change to "te-form": simply drop Vand add V. Plain form To get up To eat To sleep; to go to sleep To see; to look at; to watch (A person) is in..; stays at... To go out To open To teach To get off To burrow To turn on To close To make a phone call To forget; to leave behind y D - form- (NonPass/Affirmative) y y y D y y D - form - - -Verb For verb, the rule to change into te-form is divided into 5 subrules. - Form- (Depending on the ending of the plan form of the verb) `7~ `7~ `7~ `7~ `7~ - Excetions:V ~ `b ~ `b ~ `b Plain form - form y - form - To go To go back; to return To listen; to hear To drink To speak; to talk To read To meet; to see There is To buy To write To take (picture) To wait To understand To swim To ask To ride; to board To play; to spend time pleasantly To hurry To take a bath To return- ThingTo turn off; to erase To die To sit down To stand up To smoke To use To help To enter To carry; to hold To be absent; to rest Irregular Verb y D y D - y y y y y h y y y D y y D y y y D y D y - To come To do To study To bring (a person) To bring (a thing) Plain form y D y y - form y D y D y D - form y D y y Activities in sequence For noun, "- "is used to connect two nouns. While for verbs, in order to have two verbs in one sentence, the first verb has to change to form. For these two activity verbs, the sequence should be chronologically agree with the order of the event. In the case where the activities are in repeated rotation, the activity verbs are not necessarily in a sequential order. EX: 1. 9 y D2. - 9 y I'll go to the hotel and then sleep. v,Yq HM H M H M (The use of the past-tense) 3. - H M 4. - H M 5. - H M 6. - H 9 y D M 7. - H 9 y D M 8. - H M 9. - H M 10. - H M 11. @ /@ @ >` E ... do two other things later.) HM H HM N ... Y q (Gop > home first, and then `E - Activities in repeated rotation (does not have to follow the sequence order)? @> ` E 2 8n @ @> ` E 2 8n @ PP125 III 1- - 9 y D 2- HM 3- 9 y D HM 4- 9 y D 9 y 5- 9 y HM 9 y D Noun: 9 y D 9y D 9 y D Money Bath Textbook HM 9 y D 9 y D Hosptial 9 y Next 9 y D Video game v , Y q 9 y D Electricity 9 y D Train 9 y D Baggage Page 9 y Window 9y D Play video game. y * ...
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This note was uploaded on 04/03/2008 for the course ASIAN 125 taught by Professor Emori during the Spring '07 term at University of Michigan.

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