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SOC 104 – 2010 Due Date_____________ Quantitative Research Methods Survey Exercise (SE1) Assignment Description All students are required to complete five interviews with research subjects and enter the data into an SPSS database. The following directions pertain to the first part of the Survey Exercise, the interviews. The purpose of the assignment is to give you experience writing survey questions and conducting interviews. Completing this assignment has two major components: 1) developing a short questionnaire and 2) finding and interviewing five research subjects. While the first part can be done as a group every student must conduct five independent interviews. This assignment is worth 15 points. Assignment Directions and Suggestions The Problem SJSU President Jon Whitmore has noticed a lot of students moping around campus and has drawn the conclusion that the campus is in a funk. In his weekly lunch with the President, Dr. Garcia has noted to his old pal Jonnie that he might be making erroneous conclusions regarding the state of the University student body. Dr. Garcia has also suggest that the President may want to consider a more systematic and objective procedure to determine the level of happiness at SJSU. You and your classmates have been hired by the University to assess the level of happiness of SJSU students. Your job has many steps. The first set of steps, relevant to this portion of the assignment, include:
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SurveyExercise1_UniversalDesign_2010 - SOC 104 2010 Due...

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