religiousDiferences Notes4-21-09

religiousDiferences Notes4-21-09 - (: oc^tL\n iV) _...

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>-r rluG 3o Lr1\r-tr-ca t/oL\:D\J-}'} s\o \'?>9 \y \-
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i - e.i,uccLt1 On Ce\r oYa Nr.\ c-r:'nt p,,rrfr.A uil otbgr. t"iet,rS -- \ or-o r.95cr.,l,-Cgg '" i.r<,'{\O;e4s
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Unformatted text preview: (: oc^tL\n iV) _ ,\n\e-ve rn. .r.\+ r3wr Pe,fa\-l\rg !r\ re t I 'l-y?c.,'J/:Bt-'d / slVA / * -" \Q - : L''t9' ft 'Lt1'n \./...
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religiousDiferences Notes4-21-09 - (: oc^tL\n iV) _...

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