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Term Paper Rubric011409

Term Paper Rubric011409 - education discrimination and...

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Name_______________________________________ Grade_______________ Term Paper Rubric GRADE FORMAT: Appearance: Fulfills stated requirements o Page length, title page, 3+ appropriate references o Paper conforms to APA in-text and reference guidelines 15 CONTENT Choose appropriate cultural/ethnic group; Describe prevalent disease/condition Discuss causative factors/etiology (biomedical, other). Explain treatment for this disease/condition. 20 Review traditional cultural attitudes/beliefs about the cause and treatment of this disease/illness. Fully describe barriers to healthcare including socioeconomic factors,
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Unformatted text preview: education, discrimination, and historical factors. • Explain cultural patterns of communication (including gender differences). 20 • Based on the above, design a culturally sensitive treatment plan for a patient who suffers from this disease/condition, and specify whether your treatment plan is designed for a male or female. 20 PROCESS • Is well-organized and unified, written clearly and persuasively. • Analysis is clear and compelling 10 MECHANICS • Is free of errors in grammar, word choice, punctuation, spelling 15...
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  • Term Paper Rubric, appropriate cultural/ethnic group, Discuss causative factors/etiology, Explain cultural patterns

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