Part 2 Additional OT-Summary material 11-3-09

Part 2 Additional OT-Summary material 11-3-09 - Part 2...

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Part 2 Additional OT-Summary Material © Mukhopadhyay 2009 12/25/2009 APPLYING FRAMEWORKS TO SOME SEXUAL PRACTICES 1. Reproductive Consequences: [Demographic impact] Population size e.g. celibacy among priests and nuns [land fragmentation produces land poverty; celibacy reduces fertility rates; ], age of marriage [reduces # offspring], female education [more=later age of marriage=lower birth rate]; polygamy [multiple spouses: polyandry, polygyny], male warriors [male expendability, reproductively], govt-religious policy on contraception & attitudes towards extra-marital sex, etc. OTHER 2. Social Consequences Social Reproductive Impact Other social, economic, political, impacts e.g. Sambia Folk Theory of Male Development [sss] American Folk Theory of Homosexuality: -stigmatize homosexuality to reinforce heterosexuality - reinforce gender ideology of gender polarization and biological essentialism -reinforce gender roles [prevent challenges to; androgyny] "racial "miscegenation" laws [preserve markers of racial hierarchy; preserve race-based system of social stratification & inequality] Loving Vs. Virginia, 1967, ruled such laws unconstitutional. Parental/Family control over marriage & mating [reproduces social system, including race, religious, ethnic, class hierarchy] Virginity: promotes marriage [with culturally defined linked roles, including provider- domestic/child care role] Women’ Control over their own Reproductive Decisions: [sexual autonomy; marriage optional for sex or children; Population Growth vs. ZPG [zero population growth] Political consequences of higher birth rates in a democracy Ecological consequences of higher birth rates, especially in higher consuming countries OTHER???
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Part 2 Additional OT-Summary material 11-3-09 - Part 2...

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