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SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY School of Nursing NURS 147A--Nursing Practicum IV-A--2 units Revisions July 2007 & Nov 2007; approved 1/30/08 University COURSE DESCRIPTION Supervised participation in nursing and healthcare of clients with psychiatric-mental health problems in varied settings. Concepts include a systems approach to therapeutic communication and relationships, evidence-based care, symptom management, teaching/learning, leadership, and collaboration with other healthcare workers. PREREQUISITE Completion of Semester 6 COREQUISITES NURS 127A, NURS 127B, and NURS 137 COURSE OBJECTIVES Incorporating The ANA, APNA, ISPN (2007) Psychiatric-Mental; Health Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice upon completion of this course, the student will: 1. use the nursing process and systems theory to develop a nursing care plan, reflecting evidence-based care. 1.1 assess client potential for violence including suicide and homicide. 1.2 develop and implement suicide prevention strategies. 2. provide culturally and spiritually competent care with the scope of nursing practice that meets the needs of patients from diverse cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds. 3. demonstrate and implement communication skills that promote positive outcomes and understanding with persons, families, groups, & aggregates at-risk for psychiatric-mental health problems, and multidisciplinary health team members. 3.1 demonstrate therapeutic use of self with clients, families and groups. 3.2 apply therapeutic communication techniques in care practices with clients experiencing common psychiatric symptoms including: disorganized speech, hallucinations, delusions, cognitive disturbances, and decreased production of speech. MSOffice/courses/N147/N147A.GS.F06 (CCC Approved 5/4/98; rev. 12/01;1/04 rev 3/04), rev 5/05;rev5/06;rev 11/07 approved by psych/mh TF; approved by University 1/30/08 Page 1 of 9
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3.2.1 establish and maintain therapeutic relationships with clients who have severe and persistent psychiatric disorders. 3.2.2 plan, implement, and evaluate a relapse prevention plan for clients experiencing severe and persistent psychiatric disorders. 3.2.3 prioritize care strategies for clients experiencing co-morbid health states. 3.3 demonstrate group participation and leadership skills. 3.4 demonstrate professional boundaries needed for professional care giving relationships. 3.5 discuss strategies for safe management of crisis situations that occur in various treatment settings by incorporating principles of therapeutic communication and knowledge of patient psychopathology. 3.6 demonstrate the ability to effectively teach clients experiencing psychiatric disorders and their families. 3.7 assist clients to access self-help groups. 3.8 analyze adequacy of care settings related to patient acuity and needs. 4. implement community focused nursing actions for clients and groups with psychiatric- mental health disorders through health promotion, and disease prevention activities.
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