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SOC 104 Due Date Quantitative Research Methods Survey Exercise (SE2) Assignment Description All students are required to complete five interviews with research subjects and enter the data into an SPSS data base. The following directions pertain to the second part of the Survey Exercise, data entry. The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to create an SPSS database and learn how to enter data into SPSS. There are three basic parts to the assignment: creating a codebook, setting up the database, and entering the data into the database. I recommend you do them in this order. I am sure you will find these steps are relatively easy. This assignment is worth 15 points. Assignment Directions and Suggestions The Problem President Whitmore is very happy with the progress of your research team but he is still not sure how you are going to take the questions you have created and put them into a format adequate for data analysis. As the principle researchers in the project you have assured him that this is not a problem and have promised to deliver to him a codebook and dataset so that he can perform the analysis. The Codebook Your first step in this second survey exercise is the creation of a codebook. A codebook is document used to guide data analysis. It contains useful information about variables and there location in a data set and is particularly valuable when you are engaging in secondary data analysis (more on this in class). Creating a codebook involves giving each one of your questions a variable name.
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SurveyExercise2_UniversalDesign_20092010 - SOC 104...

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